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Our 6th floor houses the Rebekah Rehab specialized medical and rehabilitation care unit. Designed specifically for specialized care usually following an acute illness, we offer rehabilitation services in addition to complex medical and nursing care with the goal of returning to the general community

Among the specialized medical services we offer include:

Intravenous (IV) therapy Rebekah Rehab offers both short-term and longer-term administration of IV fluids and medications. Patients are frequently referred to our facility to complete IV therapy that was started in the hospital setting. Our staff is highly trained and IV therapy is given using a variety of methods including PICC lines.

Complex wound care Rebekah Rehab provides advanced care for the healing of numerous types of wounds including those from pressure, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, burns, venous stasis and surgery. Weekly assessments are made by an interdisciplinary team of health care providers. The wound care team is headed by a physician specializing in the management of complex wounds. Our staff is specially trained to provide wound care using advanced pressure reducing devices as well as methods to promote wound healing including wound vac devices.