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Rebekah Rehab and Extended Care Center rehabilitation services are delivered in a 3500 sq foot, newly constructed therapy gym filled with the most modern and comprehensive therapy equipment available in the area.

Therapy services are delivered by a full time, dedicated team of highly experienced Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, occupational Therapists, certified Occupational Therapy Assistants, speech and Language Pathologists and rehab technicians. The rehab staff is not only experienced in the many areas of short and long term care, but is also bilingual (Spanish/English) to effectively service various cultures.

These focused and comprehensive rehab services are delivered up to 7 days a week depending on condition and necessity for up to 3 hours of therapy a day. This allows us the ability to deliver both short-term and long-term services with maximum benefit and results.

Rehabilitation services at the Rebekah Rehab and Extended Care Center are coordinated by our dedicated therapists, and therapy assistants, who participate in a team approach to patient care. After an initial consultation, an individualized treatment program is designed by the evaluating rehab therapists, rehab medicine physician and the personal physician. Each patient in the program is then cared for by a team consisting of a rehabilitation therapist along with an assistant. This team provides care for the patient through the entire treatment program, providing the most effective and consistent treatment possible. Our team also works very closely with other interdisciplinary teams (including nursing, medicine, social services, dietary and activities) to insure that the patient’s needs are being met with a full range of comprehensive services.

In addition to traditional rehab, the Rebekah Rehab and Extended Care Center also takes full advantage of a simulated independent living (ADL) suite consisting of a full working kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom and living room area to practice and “fine tune” independent living skills. This area will enable those patients planning to return to independent living an opportunity to practice their skills with trained therapists prior to returning to the community. The use of an independent living suite for training has been demonstrated to dramatically increase the success rate of independent living.

Rebekah Rehab Physical Therapy
Our Physical Therapy Program revolves around helping patients regain physical mobility, strength, balance, and endurance. Physical therapists use treatment methods designed to assist patients with sitting and standing balance, ambulation, stair climbing, and wheelchair mobility. Physical therapists also provide the patient and family with education designed to ensure a smooth transition from rehab facility to home or next living environment. In addition, physical therapists assist with acquiring necessary equipment for each patient prior to discharge and making sure both the patient and family are aware of proper equipment usage. Physical therapists may also provide a written home exercise program to be used after discharge.

Rebekah Rehab Occupational Therapy
Our Occupational Therapy Program enhances the skills needed for individuals to achieve independence in their daily life. Part of a holistic approach to rehabilitation, the occupational therapy program is made up of highly qualified professionals who work together to develop individual treatment plans based on individual patient needs. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to promote independence in all areas of living. This intervention is essential for anyone planning to return to community or assisted living areas.

Rebekah Rehab Speech and Language Therapy
The Speech and Language Therapy Program is designed to meet the diagnostic and therapeutic needs of any inpatient experiencing communication and swallowing/feeding disorders. Services are provided by Master’s level speech/language pathologists, each of whom is licensed and certified. Services are structured to meet the individual needs of each patient, and speech/language pathologists work closely with patients, families, and rehab team members to achieve maximum results.

Rebekah Rehab Specialized Programs
  • Rebekah Rehab Arthritis Rehabilitation Program
  • Rebekah Rehab Back & Neck Rehabilitation
  • Rebekah Rehab Orthopedic Rehabilitation
  • Rebekah Rehab Continence Training
  • Rebekah Rehab Diabetic Foot & Wound Care
  • Rebekah Rehab Lymphedema Management
  • Rebekah Rehab Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Rebekah Rehab Cognitive/Linguistic Treatment
  • Rebekah Rehab Dysphagia Program